How To Get Job

Search online. Many, if not most, companies and organizations advertise open positions on employment websites and on company websites. If you know which company you want to work for, start by checking out their website. You will likely see a tab labeled “Job Openings” or “Career Opportunities.” Click the tab to see what is available.[1]
You can also use online job search engines to widen your search. Enter keywords and geographic location on popular sites such as Indeed,, TheLadders, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.[2]
For example, if you are looking for a job as a medical equipment salesperson in Chicago, your search terms might be “sales” and “medical” and your geographic area would be “Chicago, Illinois”.
Craigslist is also a good site to search. It is especially helpful if you are looking for immediate employment. Be sure to check out the company website and vet employers before you send in your resume and contact information, though
Use social media sites. Social networking sites are not just for fun and keeping in touch with old friends. They can also help you find and apply for jobs. If you choose to use social media in your job search, consider setting your social profile to “private” and creating a new, professional profile that you share with potential employers. The following sites are great tools for job hunting:[3]
LinkedIn: You can use this site to create a professional online profile. You can post a biography that lets potential employers get to know you. You can also post your current resume for others to view.
Twitter: People are increasingly using this tool to find jobs. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you can follow companies that you are interested in and see posts advertising jobs. You can also search the site using popular hashtags such as #jobs and #jobhunt.
Start networking. Networking is a chance to strengthen connections with people in your career field. It’s also a time to meet new people. Put yourself out there and start communicating with people who could be helpful in your job search.You can say something like, “I’m just getting started in marketing, and I wondered if you know of any opportunities that could be right for me.” If you can get a referral, your resume might just be pushed to the top of the list! Consider reaching out to:[5]
Former professors
Past employers
People at the company you want to work for
Anyone you know who has a career similar to the one you want
Attend a job fair. A job or career fair is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about potential employers. Both cities and universities have job fairs. Sometimes private organizations will also hold job fairs. [6]
Check your city or university website to find information about upcoming job fairs.
At a job fair, you can gather brochures and other information from companies that are hiring. You might also be able to speak to recruiters.
Stay organized. Having a concrete plan will be one of your best resources. Take some time to create a plan for how you will go about your job search. You should also make to sure to avoid applying for the same position more than once. Make a calendar of weekly or daily activities related to your search. On this calendar you can include tasks like:[7]
Look at online postings
Reach out to your network
Work on resume and cover letter
Apply for a certain number of jobs each week